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First impression

I’ve seen all manner of penile enhancement products but this is the first one that you rub directly onto your dick. Enlargel is a gel, as the name suggests, that you squirt onto your rod to promote growth. On the main page of the site they tell you exactly how it works and they sure make a convincing argument. The site is well designed and easy to use and I don’t imagine you’ll have any trouble finding the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Hot promises

The name alone is a promise. Enlargel says to me that they’re going to make your dick bigger simply by rubbing a little bit of gel on it and they follow that up on the site by insisting that if you use the product properly you’ll see the results they promise. There are a few testimonials on the site that reinforce the notion of the gel making your dick bigger but those could easily be made up. I was sad to see that they don’t have any photo evidence.

How does it work?

Enlargel is the first product developed to use a transdermal application process. Other products have since come out but this is the first and they’ve been working on their formula for a long time to perfect it. You rub the gel on your penis and it goes to work immediately. The ingredients in the gel include several vasodilators that cause the individual pores of the tissue that makes up your penis to expand beyond normal capacity. They fill with blood and stay that size, thus making your dick bigger. In most cases the tissue stays that large. The gel also gently stimulates the body to produce more testosterone, the hormone that promotes natural penis growth.

What does it cost?

A full cycle of Enlargel lasts 90 days and that will cost you $119.95. If you just want a one month sample it’s $59.95 so obviously you’re saving a great deal of money if you buy in bulk. A 12 month supply is only $199.95 and is obviously the best deal. If you know you’re going to commit to this product that’s the way to go. The company that produces Enlargel also offers two other penis enlargement products that involve putting your dick in a device and stretching it. If you want the full package you’ll pay $299.95. It comes with both devices and a one cycle supply of the gel.


The great thing about the penis enlargement industry is that they have something for everyone. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of taking pills or putting your dick in a traction device then you can turn to Enlargel. You rub it on your dick once a day, preferably after you’ve gotten out of the shower and your pores are most open and ready to receive the medicine. You get to massage it into the shaft of your dick so you should have fun putting it on and then have fun seeing the results of your hard work.

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