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    Volume Pills

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    Fast Size

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First impression

It’s hard not to get at least a little excited about a product that promises bigger, harder erections and longer-lasting erections. What man doesn’t want to keep his boner raging longer to give his woman the utmost pleasure? The real secret of these pills is that they build your confidence and that’s the thing that women find sexier than anything. The website design is one of the best I’ve seen for a penis enhancement product and it’s not at all cluttered. Instead of trying to overwhelming you with reams of text they simply present the important information. And let you chew on it.

Hot promises

The most important thing they promise is bigger, harder erections. There’s no information on exactly how much length you can expect but that comes as no shock since every guy is going to be different and they can’t really say how much length you’re going to get. Extenze is one of the few penis products to give you a money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product you’re free to return it for a full refund. You just have to decide within the first 60 days if the product is not working for you. Once you’ve made that clear they’ll happily send your money back. Isn’t that nice?

How does it work?

Extenze is a proprietary blend of herbs, nutrients and amino acids, all of which are designed to help improve blood flow to the penis. That’s the basic idea of most penile enhancement pills so the only question is which pill has the right combination. That’s a question you’ll have to answer on your own but I can say that Extenze is one of the most popular products in the business so you’d have to think they’re doing something right. When more blood flows to your penis the erection gets much firmer and your dick actually gets larger. If the blood vessels and the tissue in the chambers of the penis are extended often enough eventually the size change will be permanent.

What does it cost?

For a one month supply of Extenze you’ll pay $59.95. It’s a decent price but I would understand if you blanch at the expense. If you’ve visited the website and you’re feeling confident about what they offer you might want to consider ordering a multiple month supply of the pills. Buy two months and you save $10; three months and you save $25. Every bottle after three costs only $45, a discount of $15. They recommend that you take the pills for a three to four month period for maximum benefit. By that time the changes in your penis will have become permanent as your body adjusts to the differences.


Extenze is a good option for those of you that are looking for a simple and easy non-prescription solution to your penile problems. The pills will help you to achieve bigger, stronger erections and last longer in the bedroom. Your partner will appreciate your new virility but more than that she’ll appreciate your supreme confidence. If you feel good about your dick she’ll feel good about your dick and it will benefit both of you positively. That’s the best reason to invest a small amount of money in these pills.

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