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Magna Rx+

Magna Rx+

First impression

This is how a site for a penile enhancement product should be designed. They’re clear and concise in their message and they don’t overwhelm you with text. Some sites seem to be overcompensating for the fact that they simply don’t have much to say. Here they’re on the ball and on the mark. There’s a picture of a hot couple in one corner of the page and a cute corner in the other. The juxtaposition of the two shows you that Magna RX can help you have a more passionate life in the bedroom and a closer relationship outside of it thanks to your newly enhanced penis.

Hot promises

Although they hint at Magna RX making your penis larger they never come right out and say it. That’s because this pill is more about enhancing the firmness of your erections, your self confidence and your ability to last during sex. They want to make you a dynamite lover and with the pills they promise that’s exactly what you have. They also talk about adding length but they dance around it a little so if your wife or girlfriend has ever complained about your dick not being hard enough while you’re fucking her this is the first place you should check.

How does it work?

Magna RX unlocks the power of your penis by solving the blood flow problem. In short, your dick gets hard when you’re excited because the three chambers in the shaft fill with blood. Your brain tells the blood to go there and so it does, but sometimes there’s an issue with your body’s plumbing and it needs to be cleared up. In some ways Magna RX is like a great plumbing solution for the guys who can’t keep it up and hard on a consistent basis. In some cases the extra blood in your cock will cause it to enlarge forever. This is especially true if you do the exercises they recommend.

What does it cost?

A one month supply of Magna RX costs $59.95, but they give you discounts if you order multiple months at a time. Purchase two months and you’ll save $10; purchase three months and you’ll save $25. If you purchase more than three bottles it’s $45 per, a savings of $15 over the normal price. They promise that they will never automatically ship you new pills after you’ve run out and if you don’t see results after following their directions they offer a full refund. You can’t go wrong with a product that’s willing to back up its effectiveness with a refund.


Magna RX helps the blood flow to your penis and by doing so it gives you harder erections, great stamina during sex and for some people a larger penis. The most important element is that you’re going to feel a confidence that’s normally hard to achieve because you don’t feel good about your dick. Women pick up on that confidence and if you had trouble bagging ladies before that will no longer be a problem. Instead they’ll be flocking to you at the club because they know you’re going to be an excellent performer. The price is reasonable, especially if you buy multiple months at a time, and with a money back guarantee it’s practically risk free.

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