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VigRx Plus

VigRx Plus

First impression

There’s a lot of information on the VigRX Plus website. They’re serious about convincing you that the product is excellent and they throw all kinds of facts at you to get that point across. For instance, I learned that the old version of the product was simply called VigRX and it was scrapped because their continued experimentation and development resulted in the discovery of three new ingredients that made the effects so much greater. They have video testimonials on the tour along with before and after pictures. You might not want to look at pictures of guy’s dicks but there’s no better way to find out just how big your cock is likely to get if you take VigRX Plus.

Hot promises

The bottom line is that VigRX Plus will result in better sex. They’re going to give you a bigger, harder penis and as a result of those two things you’ll be much more confident in bed. There are other results of their clinical studies and they’re pretty interesting. Sexual desire is increased in most men, there’s better blood circulation to the genitals, sexual pleasure is substantially increased, stamina is increased and in general guys feel younger. That last one is not due to the ingredients of VigRX Plus so much as it’s due to the confidence that comes with having a bigger penis. That confidence has also shown to make guys more sexually attractive and get them laid more often.

How does it work?

VigRX Plus is a natural herbal formula to make your dick harder and keep it that way for a longer amount of time. That sounds pretty similar to other products in the same niche but they have new ingredients that set them apart from the others. These ingredients are Bioperine, Tribulus and Damiana. The latter two have been used for centuries to increase virility and there are scads of studies that show how effective it is. Bioperine makes all the ingredients work more effectively, which makes it something of a revolutionary addition. There are a number of ingredients in VigRX Plus and you should check the site if you want the full list. The bottom line is that the formula has been engineered to expand your erectile tissue, a substance that has a lot of room to grow, as you’ve probably discovered.

What does it cost?

You can order VigRX Plus in a number of different package sizes. If you’re not sure about committing long term then you can purchase a month’s supply for $76. From there the packages get bigger and the more you spend the more free stuff they throw in. The gifts include a free CD on male enhancement, a bottle of pheromones, a bottle of volume enhancers for bigger loads of cum, and even a crazy party girls movie if you don’t have a woman to help you enjoy your new, bigger dick. If you spring for a year’s supply it will cost $489.99. That’s nearly half of what they were charging just a few months ago so it’s a damn good deal. Plus, they throw in all the free gifts. The six month supply is $384.99 and as you go down through the months it’s less and less of a good deal.


VigRX Plus is built on solid science and it’s an excellent product. The testimonials are the most impressive part of the site, as you’ll see. The guys have seen genuine changes and they’re all thrilled about the difference. They’re willing to send pictures of their dicks to a major website so they must be thrilled. If you happen to order and find that your dick gets bigger they’ll give you $500 to use your pictures on the site. If you want a longer dick and more stamina in the bedroom there are few products that will serve you as well as VigRX Plus.

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