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Euro Extender

Euro Extender

First impression

At Euro Extender they make a compelling argument for using an extension device as opposed to the other options out there. First, surgery is incredibly expensive (usually a minimum of $5000) and possibly hazardous. Penis pumps are temporary and while they work in the short term any gains you get will soon be lost. Finally, they claim that pills don’t work, although that claim doesn’t seem to be based on anything. There’s fairly solid science behind the traction device that Euro Extender offers so it’s hard not to be swept up in the excitement.

Hot promises

The big thing they’re pushing on the tour is that Euro Extender is the first super comfortable device out there because of the way it’s constructed. They’ve added a large 1 inch comfort strap that allows you to use the device for as long as you’d like and with these things the length of time you use it is the most important so that’s a good change. The biggest promise is that your size will increase and on the main page of the site you’ll find a size calculator. The longer you use the device the bigger your dick will get so make sure you’re ready to commit some serious time to this endeavor. Your dedication will certainly pay off with results. Other benefits include the correction of most penis curvature, harder erections, good prostate health and more girth.

How does it work?

The name Euro Extender should give you some clue as to how the device works. You slide your penis in the large open end and then place it in the comfort strap. After you’ve secured your junk you stretch it, pulling it as instructed in the booklet or DVD that you receive with your order. Over time you’ll be able to stretch it farther and farther. As you stretch it the tissues inside your penis are forced to replicate and this replication is permanent, thereby giving you greater penis length and usually girth. If you have a penis curvature that will be corrected thanks to the new tissues that aren’t bent.

What does it cost?

There are three versions of the Euro Extender for purchase. The first is the essential and it comes with the Euro Extender, and instruction booklet and CD-ROM as well as a plain cardboard carrying box. That goes for $199.95. The special edition comes with all of that but has a more luxurious storage box for carrying your device. It also comes with extra spare parts, a lifetime warranty and a 6 month satisfaction guarantee. That goes for $275. The gold edition comes with everything previously mentioned (the storage box is mahogany) as well as even more spare parts, male enhancement pills (even though they say multiple times on the site that they don’t work), sex guide DVDs and a male health e-book. The gold edition is the most expensive at $395.95. They have everything laid out on the site and it’s well worth looking into if you’re considering a purchase.


The Euro Extender is competitively priced and it offers you a good solution for extending your penis length. For most women the most important thing for a man to have is confidence and nothing will boost your confidence like a bigger penis. That’s where the Euro Extender comes in. You’ll see a significant difference after only two month’s usage and if you dedicate a great deal of time to it you might see 3 inches in length. Just imagine how good you’ll feel after that. For that reason it’s worth having a look at the site and the device.

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