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Fast Size

Fast Size

First Impression

Every man wants his dick to be bigger and so a rather large industry has sprung up around producing and selling products designed to make your dong a little bit larger. The technique is based on solid science and there are countless testimonials from happy customers that want to spread the good word. Fast Size is designed to provide permanent lengthening and the machine looks to be fairly involved. You’re not making a huge commitment but you’re going to be wearing something on your junk for a while so get ready for that.

Hot Promises

The most important thing they guarantee is that you’ll gain 1-3 inches in penis size. If you think about it 3 inches is an enormous gain no matter your current length. For some guys that will make them unbelievably well hung (which isn’t always a good thing you don’t want to hurt the ladies) and for others they’ll simply be normal. They also promise to correct mild curvature caused by Peyronies Disease. In short, if you’ve got a bent dick then this device will make it better. This thing is a medical marvel!

How does it work?

The Fast Size penis enlarger is essentially a traction table for your cock. You put it in the machine and it stretches the dick, separating the soft tissues that fill with blood when you get erect and leading to a process that gives you bigger, fuller erections. When the cells are stretched like that they begin to divide and duplicate to fill the empty space properly. If you keep your member in the machine long enough you’re going to see significant improvement. The length will be most noticeable when you are erect (and isn’t that the most important time?). Traction has been used as a technique for lengthening penises for years but this is the first machine that makes the method easy to apply in your home. Long ago you had to attach weights to your dick and walk around with them swinging low. Nowadays that would be incredibly inconvenient.

What does it cost?

The Fast Size Extender comes in two packages. The basic costs $279.99 and comes with the basic Extender along with 18 other products from the penis enlargement store. It’s an impressive collection of goodies and would normally cost close to $600 if you bought them individually. Included in the package is the Extender, spare parts, a manual, instructional DVD, a travel pouch for your Extender and a tape measure to see how much bigger your dick is getting. The advanced package costs $349.99 and comes with all of that plus post stretching cream, after shower moisturizing cream, training lubricant, a virility supplement and a few other products. You can get an in depth explanation of all the products on the website.


The Fast Size Extender is one of the most legitimate penis enlargement products I’ve come across. They’re working off of solid science and the site is filled with testimonials from happy customers that feel great about the money they spent and the results they received. When you purchase a product you get an in depth manual and an instructional DVD just in case you don’t know how to use the product. It’s expensive but it seems like a worthy purchase.

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