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JELQ Device

JELQ Device

First impression

There are several techniques for penis enlargement but the JelQ Device uses one that I haven’t yet seen. Instead of putting your penis in traction to stretch it this device basically crushes your dick. That sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. The idea is to put constant pressure on the tissues of the penis so they’ll stretch permanently and when it comes time to make love to your lady you’ll find that your boner is bigger because the tissues have expanded and now have more room for blood. There’s a demonstration of it on the site that I highly recommend you look at.

Hot promises

They’re big on the promises with the JelQ Device. I guess they’re pretty darn confident it’s going to work. Obviously the device will add inches to your length and your girth. As you probably know girth is actually more important to a woman than length in most cases. If your dick is really long and thin she’s not going to feel anything. You’ll also be trained to ejaculate only when you’re ready for the sex session to end, not when your body decides it needs to get rid of the sperm. Finally you’ll experience harder erections and you’ll have no trouble getting them even if you did before.

How does it work?

The JelQ Device is essentially two rolling pins on top of each other. You slide your penis between them and you roll it up and down your dick, applying pressure that flattens the tissue. The most important thing it does is force the tissues in the chambers of your penis to enlarge. The human body has an amazing ability to adapt and this device capitalizes on that. Once the tissues expand they stay that way and just like that you have a larger penis. This technique has been used for thousands of years but only now has a device been constructed to provide a safe and easy to understand way of lengthening your penis by jelqing.

What does it cost?

On its own the JelQ Device costs $99.95 + shipping. It’s a good price when you consider what other penis enlargement devices cost and they guarantee your satisfaction or they’ll refund your money so you can count on it being effective for you. You can also purchase the device in concert with other penis enlargement products. There’s a gel that you rub on your dick that promotes growth and better sexual performance as well as a traction device that stretches you. All three work in concert to give you the ultimate big dick and it’s $299.95 for the full package.


There are a lot of different types of penis enlargement products but the JelQ Device is the only one of its kind as far as I know. For that reason alone it’s worth looking into and at least considering for purchase. You roll your dick between the foam tubes and put pressure on the tissues in the chambers of your penis, forcing them to expand and thus making your penis larger. If used in concert with the two other products shown on the sales page you’re guaranteed to have a significantly larger cock.

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