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    Jes Extender

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Jes Extender

Jes Extender

First impression

In some ways having a long penis is not as important in the bedroom as it is in everyday life. You don’t go around modeling your penis for all the women in your life but if you have a big dick you’re going to walk around with incredible confidence and there’s nothing women find sexier than confidence. Even if you don’t have a lady right now but you really want one you should look into the Jes Extender, a device guaranteed to make your penis larger. The device is also supposed to give you harder erections, which would be pretty great if you ask me.

Hot promises

The Jes Extender promises some pretty amazing benefits. If you use the device properly and for the recommended amount of time you can see up to a 30 percent increase in the size of your penis. That’s pretty great, especially if you’re starting from a good number. The size increases also come at the fastest pace on the market. Your erections will be harder and you’ll last longer in the sack as well. Those of you with premature ejaculation problems will be happy to know that it generally clears them up. The Jes Extender also makes your dick thicker so that problem is solved. Thickness generally makes a woman even happier than length. Finally they will correct penile curves.

How does it work?

A penis enlargement surgery can cost upwards of $5000 so you really don’t want to be spending your money on that if there’s an alternative, right? The Jes Extender is that alternative and it’s been medically proven to work. The device is essentially a stretcher. You slide your penis into it and then you set it to pull your dick as long as you can handle. They have an instructional DVD so you don’t misuse the product and put yourself in harm’s way. To put it simply the cells in your penis will divide and create new tissue if they’re stretched long enough. Everyone’s penis is different so some of you may find that your penis able to take a great deal of stretching. All of you will find that your penis grows.

What does it cost?

The cheapest version of the Jes Extender costs $249.99 and they call it the light edition. It comes with a 1 year warranty, 2 sets of elongation bars and a paper manual. In that case you won’t have the DVD to help you out. The original edition starts at $299.99 and that includes the DVD, a 2 year guarantee and a mahogany case. You can also get the silver and gold editions that cost significantly more. The silver is $459.99 and the gold is $579.99. They’re also higher quality with a stronger coating and a longer guarantee of quality. The silver and gold versions also come with a comfort strap that’s missing from the rest of them.


Jes Extender is backed by medical studies that show it does indeed work as intended. You will find up to a 30 percent increase in your penis size and girth and it seems to me that is priceless. With that size increase comes a great increase in your confidence and we all know how valuable that can be. You’ll find that women are more attracted to you and that you have a much easier time getting ladies in the sack. Jes Extender promises you all of these things and the testimonials and medical backing they have prove it can come true.

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