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Pro Extender

Pro Extender

First impression

At the Pro Extender site they call the device a medical miracle and it’s hard not to agree with them. Don’t you think it’s something of a miracle that they’re able to extend the size of a penis? I can’t help but think that it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard of. This particular device has a great site where they’re keen on presenting you with as much visual information as possible. There are lots of before and after pictures as well as animations of how the device works and how your penis will look in it. Did you know that Pro Extender is recommended by physicians in 29 countries? That’s pretty spectacular stuff.

Hot promises

The Pro Extender offers you a great solution to small penis syndrome. The traction device is one of the only penis lengthening systems to have any science behind it and it’s pretty amazing to see it in action. The testimonials are the best place to see what they promise as they show actual pictures of people using the device and the differences in length they’ve experienced. In some cases it’s utterly amazing. The Pro Extender can also increase your girth and as you probably know women are more concerned with girth than anything else. Also, if you suffer from a crooked or curved penis they can correct that as well.

How does it work?

You place your penis through the opening in the Pro Extender and slide it all the way to the end where you strap it in. You tighten the strap around your penis and then you slide the device to the desired length. They provide you instructions on how far to slide it with the package you receive after purchasing. However, the device is only one part of the Pro Extender system. The second step is the penis enhancement pills. They’re a natural supplement that has shown the ability to increase your penis size and your stamina in sex. The third step is the volume increaser pills that help you shoot a thicker, larger load of cum. Finally there’s a penis exercise DVD that will complete your enlargement regimen. All of that combined delivers the ultimate experience.

What does it cost?

There are four purchasing options. The first is the original Pro Extender and a cardboard carrying case for $299.95. The deluxe Pro Extender comes with a mahogany box and costs $399.95. Both options only include the extender and none of the pills or the exercise DVD. For those you have to upgrade to the Pro Extender System. It’s $329.95 for the original and $429.95 for the deluxe. The system is the best value as you get all of those bonus items for only $30 more. You can order by phone, mail, fax or by using the online form and your package will be discreetly shipped.


If you’re serious about enlarging your penis then it seems like you should hit the widest area, by which I mean you should buy something that encompasses all the current options. The Pro Extender system gives you an extension device as well as penis pills, volume pills and a DVD that shows you specific exercises to strengthen your erections and enlarge your dick. Having a larger penis will give you greater confidence and nothing will make you more attractive to the ladies.

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