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    Size Pro System

    SizePro System is the ultimate penis enlargement solution. It´s the most powerful form of penis enlargement money can buy. Its new, and the...

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    Penis Health

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    If you´ve ever thought about increasing the size of your penis or enhancing your sexual performance, you´re not alone. For centuries, men have...

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    A CE Approved, Penile Traction device which has been medically proven to increase penis size, as well as improve curvature for individuals...

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First Impressions

Have you ever seen pictures of African men and women with really long earlobes or extended necks because of the devices that are traditionally used in their culture? If so it should come as no surprise that the same technique is being applied to penis enlargement. Size Genetics has built a traction device that will make your dick larger and give you harder erections, guaranteed. My favorite thing about the tour is the penis size calculator where you can input your current length and get an estimate for how long your dick should be after six months of using the device.

Hot Promises

The penis size calculator is the center of the hot promises made but there are several others. They promise to make your length and your girth larger. You’ll last longer during sex and you’ll have better orgasms. Your erections will be harder and you’ll be fully engorged during all sexual activity. If you have a penile curvature they can correct it up to 70 percent, which is pretty good. They also promise more sex and more women, although I think that’s a bit of a stretch. You can’t exactly walk around with your new dick hanging out of your pants (wink).

How does it Work?

The Size Genetics penis enlarger is a traction device built on the theory that the human body adapts to constant strain. To put it simply, if your dick is constantly being pulled it’s going to become longer so the pulling will stop. You slide your cock into the device and calibrate it to apply the correct amount of pressure and tension. They provide you with an instructional DVD when you purchase your penis enlarger and it’s very easy to work the machine. Don’t worry you won’t be in danger of damaging your penis or your testicles. Instead you’re guaranteed to make your dick longer or they’ll give you your money back. That’s an impressive guarantee. If you have questions they’ve established a 1-800 number that you can call during business hours Monday thru Friday.

What does it cost?

The best package is the Size Genetics System that retails for $389.85. It comes with the device, spare parts in case something breaks, a travel case, a penis health DVD and online access to a member’s support area. You also get two sexy DVDs, including one that clues you in to the delights of erotic massage. I’ve seen that one and it’s pretty great, especially if you have a lovely lady in your life to help massage you. For $350.00 you can buy the Size Genetics device by itself. It also comes with the spare parts and the discreet carrying case along with the instructional DVD. If you want 24 months of warranty coverage you can purchase that for an extra $40. They also offers pills which are guaranteed to speed up your penis lengthening for $50 per month that you can purchase in a 2 or 4 month supply.


The concept that Size Genetics is built upon has been proven to be effective thousands of times. The human body can be stretched in ways you would never imagine possible. The Size Genetics site features a collection of success stories, including before and after pictures if you want real proof. Some of the gains are truly impressive; one guy sprouted to over eight inches long. The device is safe and effective and it’s well priced when you consider everything that goes into constructing it and everything that comes with the package. This is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a bigger dick.

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