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X4 Labs Penis Extender

X4 Labs Penis Extender

First impression

At the very top of the page for the X4 Penis Extender there’s a penis size calculator. You can input your current size and the length of time you plan on using the device to get an estimated growth. If you currently have a six inch penis and you use the device for 12 months you’ll end up with nine inches of dick between your legs. That’s a tremendous amount of growth and that’s a tremendous penis. This device is an extender like you’ve probably seen before but they change things up a little by offering you three different comfort options so you can choose the treatment you want (more on that later).

Hot promises

Obviously they promise you a far lengthier penis and that’s the most important element here. On top of greater length they promise you greater thickness and as you know most ladies really want the thickness more than the length. If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, which is a curved penis, it can correct that as well (at least in most cases). The X4 Penis Extender is also the only one I’ve seen that’s a certified medical device. That they went to such lengths to get it certified means that they really believe in the device and in the notion that it will work for you.

How does it work?

A penis extension device works by stretching the soft tissues in your penis so much that they’re forced to expand to fill the now open area. You keep your dick in the traction device for several hours a day and over a few months you’ll see a distinct difference in size. There are no side effects because you’re not putting anything into your body and the device is doing nothing more than stretching you out. The X4 Penis Extender is different from other devices because they have combined both typical versions of the penis extender into one dual use system. Normally there’s a 1 inch wide silicone comfort strap or the classic noose to keep your dick in place. Both can be comfortable but they’ve decided to give you the choice by bringing them together in one device.

What does it cost?

There are several different packages available to you. The starter package costs $200 and features the extender unit, an instructional DVD, a book on penis health and a 1 year warranty. If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease or you’re specifically looking for a girthier penis then you can buy the girth edition or the Peyronie’s edition for $350 each. The device is built specifically to address your needs in those cases so look carefully at the packages if you’re interested. If you buy the gold edition for roughly $400 you get the penis extender, 4 of each backup part (most editions have 1), a deluxe storage case, a gift card to 4X Labs, a lifetime warranty and a 6 month satisfaction guarantee. The gold deluxe addition for just under $500 includes all of that and two better sex DVDs, the girth edition of the device, free shipping and a few other things you should look into.


One of the biggest issues with penis extension devices is comfort. If it doesn’t feel right on your penis then you’re not going to use it. You don’t want to be in pain or discomfort when you’re trying to extend your cock. The X4 Penis Extender is the solution to that as they’ve combined both current comfort options into one. You can purchase the base unit for a very reasonable $200 or you can upgrade to the top of the line deluxe package for $500. That way you’re able to determine how much you’d like to invest. It’s a device well worth looking into.

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