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First impression

I know it sounds silly but when they put pictures of hot chicks and their men on the site I’m already more interested. It’s a simple suggestive thing but because I see a hot lady rolling around in bed with her man I think perhaps this program will help me find that. The tour could be better designed ��“ there’s a lot of information on the page that tells you nothing about the actual product. That’s at the bottom of the page and it’s actually pretty useful and convincing so you should just scroll all the way down and ready about Vazomyne and what it can do for you and your erectile health.

Hot promises

If you worry about your ability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse and you’re embarrassed to go to your doctor for a prescription or you worry about the side effects of prescription medication then Vazomyne might be right for you. This natural supplement helps increase the blood flow to your penis to improve your erection and your sexual performance, thereby curing the erectile dysfunction that’s been beguiling you. Customers have reported significant results after 4 weeks of use that include improvements in erection quality and firmness, an increase in sexual fitness and desire, an increase in self confidence and a boost in the passion they feel for their partner.

How does it work?

The penis gets hard when blood flows to the chambers, forcing it to an erection. Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction lack that flow mechanism and Vazomyne is designed to cure that problem. The key ingredient helps the body release Nitric Oxide, a chemical produced in the body that stimulates the blood flow to your penis. Sometimes your body stops producing it for reasons we don’t fully understand and you simply need to jump start it. The drug was discovered when a study of athletes found that certain supplements they used had the additional side effect of great erections. Now you can all have access to it.

What does it cost?

If you just want to try Vazomyne for a month you can buy a 1 month supply for $49.99. If you purchase two boxes up front for $99.98 they send you a free tube of Maxoderm, a topical agent that you rub right on your penis to get it hard instantly. Order three boxes and you’ll pay $139.97, a $10 discount. If you know you’re going to use Vazomyne long term you can join the Vazomyne Flexible Lifestyle program in which they bill you $39.99 per month and ship you a 60 day supply to start and the next one ships out before your previous supply runs out. Every month that you’re a member of the program they send a free gift.


Vazomyne is a good solution for those of you that suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply a soft erection and are looking to solve that problem without the nasty side effects that can come with the use of prescription drugs. This product stimulates the release of nitric oxide to encourage blood to flow to your penis. It’s been proven to work and you don’t need a prescription. The price compares favorably to similar products and they monthly membership plan is generous with the free gifts.

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