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Virility Pills

Virility Pills

First impression

The first thing I look for on a site that I might be sending money to is the quality of the design. Does it look like they invested in the site? I want to know if they’re dedicated to providing a good product or if they’re just trying to rip me off with something quick and easy. VP-RX, or Virility Pills, has a website that looks good and offers lots of information. My favorite part is the testimonials section, especially the audio files they offer from customers calling in to tell them what a difference the pills have made in their life. If you’re curious visit the page and check out the testimonials; they’re informative.

Hot promises

Virility Pills are designed to enhance your sexual performance. They will help you enjoy bigger, harder erections, better stamina and a more satisfying sexy life. They’re not clear about how much length you’ll gain or if you’ll gain any at all. In truth, these pills are designed to make your sex life better by helping your erections stay firm at all times and helping your dick be more sensitive during sex. If it feels better then you’re getting what you paid for. The other benefit is that you’re going to feel more confident. Most guys think that a huge dick is important but in reality confidence is what women like the most. They want you to take them, to ravish them and you need confidence for that.

How does it work?

The list of ingredients in VP-RX is long and a visit to the site is the way to go if you’re looking for specifics on what you’ll be ingesting. It’s all natural and they’ve studied this particular combination to make sure it offers the most potency. The pills give you firmer, bigger erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. When you get an erection the dick fills with blood and a signal from your brain tells the body to stop the blood from leaving. It stays full until you’ve cum and then you’re allowed to go back to being normal. VP-RX increases the blood flow, resulting in harder, bigger erections that are guaranteed to pleasure your woman more and give you greater self confidence.

What does it cost?

A one month supply, which is one bottle, costs $49.95. That’s pretty close to other products of this type in the industry. The more you buy the more you save. Buy two bottles and you’ll pay $85.95; buy three and it’s only $120.95. The list goes on as you can purchase up to six bottles at a time. They recommend buying 3-4 months for optimum effects but obviously you’re free to order as much as you’d like. They ship the pills in a discreet package and they’re billed under an innocuous name so you won’t have to be embarrassed if someone sees your credit card statement.


Perhaps you don’t feel as comfortable as you’d like in the bedroom. Maybe your erections aren’t as hard as they could be or you want to have bigger, fuller-feeling erections. If that’s the case then you should look into VP-RX. The pills are guaranteed to give you the results you want and if you’re not satisfied they give your money back within 60 days of purchase. That’s a good sign that they’re confident in the product they’re shipping you. Check out the audio testimonials for proof that this stuff works and check out the ingredients list to see what they’re doing that makes your dick grow.

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