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Volume Pills

Volume Pills

First impression

Have you ever watched a Peter North movie and wished you could ejaculate like the man they call the Decorator? How cool would it be to blow a load that big all over your ladies tits or face or in her mouth? How cool would it be to blow such a big load into her pussy and watch it drip out afterwards? There’s a lot of joy to be had in shooting a voluminous load of cum and the folks at Volume Pills have put together a product that will give you up to 5 times your usual volume of semen. That’s a medical miracle! Check the site for all the details.

Hot promises

The most important promise they make is that you’ll see up to 5 times greater semen volume. They don’t guarantee that for everyone but they do guarantee that you’ll be shooting more spunk from your cock than you ever have before. You’ll impress the hell out of your partner with a big load like that, especially if she’s ever seen a porn film. Your orgasms will be better as a result of the chemical reactions going on in your body that are producing such big loads of cum. The pills also boost your overall sperm quality and motility in case you’re looking to get your wife pregnant.

How does it work?

Volume Pills don’t just increase the amount of jizz you shoot. First they’ve been formulated to help blood flow to the penis, making your erections harder and last longer. The unique formula helps to open up channels of flow that were previously closed or clogged. There’s a long list of ingredients on the site that they talk about in great detail. In short they use a proprietary herbal recipe to make these pills and they’ve been studying for years to perfect the mix to give you the maximum results. The pills have been proven to work so there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

What does it cost?

A one month supply costs $65. Two months is $110, a savings of $20. Three months is $160, four months is $200, five months is $230, six months is $250 and a year’s supply is $348.95. Shipping is free if you pick the USPS and $20 if you pick UPS. The more you order at one time the more bonuses you get. If you go for two months they give you access to the member’s area of VolumePills, which includes lots of information on making your dick bigger. The next bonus is a membership to Mens Forte, a top men’s magazine with an online member’s only area. Order five months worth of product and you get to choose from several adult DVDs and sexual instruction videos to be shipped with your order. Order six months and they give you one box free. Order a year’s supply and you get 2 boxes free.


Volume Pills is a good solution for those of you looking for harder erections and more volume. If you want to blow a big stick load like a pornstar I can think of few resources that will help you do that. In addition to the pills they offer free access to their member’s only area that has even more information on how to make your load bigger. Order enough and you’ll get a free adult DVD and access to an online men’s magazine. It’s a good product and I encourage a visit to their site at the very least.

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